Youth Driver Education Class

Monthly we offer a Free Youth Driver Education Class to the Public and Excel Driving School Students who graduate their program.

We teach them basic things everyone who drives should know and, surprisingly, most adults don’t know.

Here are some of the things we teach them:

  • Which fluids in your car needs to be changed and how often
  • Which filters in your car needs to be changed and how often
  • How to jump start a car
  • How to get the best fuel mileage out of a car
  • Safety equipment that should be in the car in case of an emergency

It lasts about an hour, but always goes over because there are so many questions. Parents rave about how much they benefited from the course – its amazing what simple things you don’t know about maintaining your vehicle. Driver school teaches you how to drive but not how to take care of the vehicle you are driving. If parents join their kids, they receive a free Oil Change!

Matt Weber also has fun telling many funny car stories too…

Contact us if your organization would like to partner with us for free vehicle maintenance classes.