You Can Extend the Life of Your Car With These Six Things


Nobody wants their car to break down, especially if it isn’t that old. You will find all kinds of advice on the Internet about how to get more miles out of your vehicle, but to be honest, if you take care of your car with preventative maintenance, it will take care of you. It really is that simple. Let us here at Clark’s Car Care explain further.

1. Frequent Oil Changes Really Work

The most common advice you’ll get is to have your vehicle’s oil changed frequently, and this works. Conventional motor oil should be changed every 3,000 miles; synthetic, every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Clean motor oil prevents heat and friction, which extends your engine parts’ life, i.e., your car.

2. Change the Other Fluids, Too

Don’t forget to change the other automotive fluids regularly, as well. Generally, brake fluid should be changed every 45,000 miles or three years. Transmission fluid, another crucial oil in your car, should be changed every 30,000 miles. You also need to change the antifreeze/coolant and power steering fluid.

3. Replace the Filters

Your oil filter is replaced at every oil change. You also need to change your air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles and the fuel filter every 20,000 to 40,000 miles. Replacing the automotive filters before they get too dirty ensures your engine is not contaminated with dirt and prevents clogged filters.

4. Inspect the Tires Regularly

Your tires take a lot of abuse, so check them frequently for signs of wear, tear, and uneven tire tread. Check the tire pressure about every two weeks to make sure they aren’t under or overinflated. Replace air as necessary and have the tires rotated every 6,000 miles. Balance the wheels at that time, too.

5. Don’t Put Off Repairs

If your vehicle is acting strange or sounding, don’t ignore it. We understand that a repair bill can be intimidating, but it’s important to understand that the longer you take to repair your automobile, the more expensive the bill becomes. Repairs prevent additional damage, so have them done ASAP.

6. Don’t Drive Like a Racecar Driver

Yes, we know. We’re no fun at all, but how you drive your automobile can actually diminish its lifespan. Putting the pedal to the metal and slamming on the brakes every time you stop and go damages the engine and brake system. Understand your vehicle’s limitations and respect them. Take it easy.

You can also get more miles out of your automobile by bringing it into Clark’s Car Care in Naperville, IL, for preventative maintenance and repair.

Photo by double-d from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro