Why your Tire Pressure is so important when the weather changes?

Tire pressure was, is and always will be overlooked and can change with fluctuations in temperature. The hood and tires do not get the attention by most of us and, let alone, have you ever tried finding a tire machine at a gas station that works?

All tires lose air and some even lose more than others. With all-wheel drive tires, if one tire is lower on tread than the other-most of the time you have to replace all four which ends up costing thousands to replace. Furthermore, if not addressed you may even have to replace the transfer case which is even more expensive!

The only way to know what the correct tire pressure should be is by looking on the inside of the driver’s door on the frame of the car. It will tell you which tire takes what. Please keep in mind that the front/rear/spare can all be different. Every car has this sticker. Tires are not cheap with under inflation being the most common failure.

Stop by Clark’s during business hours so we can check and, if need be, fill your tires to the proper pressure. Tires are sensitive and the dashboard will often indicate when your tire pressure is low. We even have digital tire fill tools to make sure we have the proper amount of air. Lastly, please do not eye ball your tire pressure!!