Should you warm your car up during the Winter?

Yes all these facts are true that a newspaper writer states. The real things we see is that it is actually about impossible to fire your car up in snow, freezing conditions and simply not safe until the windows are defrosted and you the driver is warmed up. You shiver in the car, you have hat/mittens on and lets be honest here, are you really paying attention to the road or how cold you are?

I saw the comments that people made about that article and most of them were about how warm the driver was/comfortable. Your car sits overnight, all your fluids are at ambient temperature, then you turn the key, car starts and throw it in drive-off you go. Engine coolant/power steering/engine oil goes from 0 degrees to about 200 degrees inside of 3-5 minutes of driving. How do you feel when you get up in the morning without a snooze or shower before you have to get out and do your daily grind in 3-5 minutes?

Simply put without getting technical. Your engine fluids are cold, not flowing at all, no lubrication at the top of the engine where the fluids sit on the bottom overnight and then ask to go 50 MPH in a few minutes. We all know the demand on a engine is harsh-that is why fuel economy is best when you lightly hit the gas. When cold there is not as much lubrication. This causes worse fuel mileage, none of the sensors are ready till they get into a status called “closed loop” . This is where your car runs best.

The computer gets real information after warming up a little and can figure out that you are driving now and after closed loop operation to the computer gets the best fuel mileage not to mention the lack of lubrication to those cylinders that are on top of the engine get moving most easy since the car is now “warmed up”. Yes a waist of a little fuel but drive down Route 59 in traffic and compare that to a few minutes letting your 25K+ car warm up.

You will get the bill when a cylinder head warps, cylinders fail, timing chains strech. Now a days they say you do not have to change your oil till about 5K+ miles then why are we replacing timing chains and cylinder heads at 80K miles with a minimum of a 1K repair bill? This article has gone viral and it is simply cheap insurance by letting your car/truck warm up before we go off with our busy days. O miles to the gallon-true but will make your car last longer with less repair bills. And your tushy will be warm, can see out the windows.