Signs of Electrical Problems in an Automobile

Signs of Electrical Problems in an Automobile

Certain electrical problems in an automobile can cause an electrical fire. As such, you should take any of the signs of an electrical problem listed below seriously. If you feel that there is hot electricity in your vehicle, cut the engine and have it towed to our shop. Our certified and experienced technicians will inspect the electrical system to find the problem so we can fix it.

Accessory Trouble

Your power accessories rely on the electrical system to operate. This includes anything that draws power such as the USB charging ports, the entertainment system, and the power windows. If these accessories start to malfunction, or your lights start to flicker or go dim, you’ve got an electrical system problem that needs immediate attention.

Battery Trouble

A dead battery can also be the result of an electrical system problem. The alternator generates the voltage that flows through your automobile’s electrical system. The excess voltage is sent to the battery to keep it charged. If the battery dies frequently, this is a sign that it is not receiving voltage from the alternator.

Blown Fuses

We talked above about the dangers of hot electricity. One sign that you have too much electricity surging through the system is blown fuses. This can be the fuses across the board or a specific fuse to a specific system. Either way, we need to trace the problem and fix it.

Dead Engine

Electrical problems can also cause dead engines. For example, the starter relies on the electrical system to turn over the engine so it can bring fuel and air into the combustion chamber. Without this action, you will end up with a dead engine.

Hot Electricity

Let’s talk about hot electricity now. Hot electricity will make your wires and their rubber insulation burn. You will smell this odor in your automobile or in the engine. If you pick up on this odor, make sure to pull over right away and turn off your vehicle. You don’t want to start an electrical fire.

Warning Light

Finally, if the battery light turns on on the dashboard, it is most likely an electrical problem. It could be a dying battery, an issue with the alternator, or an issue in the electrical system itself.

Give us a call today to set up a service appointment for your automobile if you are having any of the problems discussed above. Again, if you are in fear of your electrical system overheating, have your automobile towed to our shop.

Photo by yanyong from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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