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tire rotation

Tire rotation and wheel balancing are the number one way you can prolong the life of your tires and wheels, and at Clark’s Car Care in Naperville, IL, we are your Naperville tire and wheel experts.

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We’ll begin with tire rotation. During normal driving conditions, your tires tend to wear more on the edges, or shoulders, as they handle more of the road during turns. Vehicles with front-wheel drive tend to see even more wear to this part of their tires. A tire rotation gives all the tires a chance to absorb some of this pressure, and this means your tires will wear more evenly and last longer.

Tire Rotation Naperville IL

Since we want the tires on the back to share some of the force of the road, tires are generally rotated from the front to the back. Some vehicle manufacturers recommend a criss-cross-style alignment that even brings the spare tire into the mix, and other performance vehicles have different tire and wheel sizes on the front and back, further complicating the matter. But whether you drive a normal vehicle or one with an out-of-this-world alignment procedure, the team of experts at Clark’s Car Care can help.

You can check with your tire manufacturer for how often you’ll need to have your tires rotated, but at Clark’s Car Care, we recommend this service for about every 3,000 to 8,000 miles, or once every oil change or every other oil change.

Wheel Balancing Naperville IL

Now we can move on to wheel balancing. Did you know your tires and wheels have different, heavier spots that can cause wobbling, especially at higher speeds? It’s true! A balancing adds small weights to your wheels in strategic places to even out those heavier spots and keeps things evenly weighted. These small heavier spots, or weight differences, are caused by things like tire sensors and valve stems, and balancing things with small weights keeps everything hitting the road the right way.

If you are in need of wheel balancing, chances are you already know it. Your car is essentially bouncing down the road without one, so you’ll be able to tell there is a problem pretty quickly. At highway speeds, your tire makes a full revolution 14 times per second. If you’ve got imbalanced wheels, you are going to feel every rotation through the car.

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If you are in need of tire rotation or wheel balancing for your tires in Naperville, IL, you need to get your vehicle into the bays at Clark’s Car Care. Make an appointment or simply stop by today!

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