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At Clark’s Car Care, we see power steering service in Naperville, IL, as an essential part of your car’s preventative maintenance. Your power steering system is exactly what it sounds like – it provides power to your steering system to make it easier to manipulate the vehicle. In cars without a power steering system, every inch of power you’ll need to turn that vehicle will come from you, and you can imagine how tough that would be for some people.

Power Steering Service Naperville IL

The most important part of your power steering system is the pump. The pump’s primary function is to pressurize to power steering fluid which, in turn, provides power to your steering system, allowing you to better control the vehicle. Usually, a belt connected to your car’s engine will provide the power for this pump, though some vehicles have electric power steering pumps. Some newer vehicles even have a specialized motor that provides power to your power steering pump.

As the pump works its magic, it pushes the pressurized power steering fluid through a hose and into the system. It is then recycled and sent back through the system of hoses, cleaning and cooling the system as it moves.

At Clark’s Car Care in Naperville, IL, we recommend having your power steering fluid levels checked every time you bring your vehicle in for an oil change. If fluid levels are allowed to get and remain low, you could damage the pump – and that means an expensive repair is in your future. If you do find that fluid levels are low, it might mean a leak in one of the hoses in the system. We will happily check for any leaks when we check the fluid levels.

Power steering fluid breaks down over time, and it also tends to collect moisture, which can cause corrosion in a power steering system. Replacing the fluid occasionally will help avoid this issue. Your owner’s manual or the team at Clark’s Car Care can help you decide how often you should replace your power steering fluid.

When that time comes, we will completely drain your power steering fluid and replace it with a fresh batch. Our team can also determine which power steering fluid is a good match for your vehicle, as not all power steering fluid is compatible with all systems. Again, the experts at Clark’s Car Care can help select exactly what you and your car need.

Signs My Steering Is Going Bad Naperville IL

If your power steering is in trouble, you’ll notice a few of the following signs: your steering wheel becomes difficult to turn, your auxiliary steering power seems to come and go, or your power steering pump makes a whining or squealing noise. Failure to keep your power steering fluid at adequate levels can also lead to a squealing noise coming from the belts that power the pump.

Holding your steering wheel in the far right or far left position for more than a few seconds at a time is never a good idea.  Doing so can wear out your power steering pump quickly.

When you bring your vehicle for preventative power steering maintenance, we mainly work on the power steering components but there are other pieces that must be inspected as well. These other parts include the steering knuckle, ball joint, steering gear, idler arm, and tie rod. If your steering wheel is off-center, the car seems to drift, or your steering wheel shakes while you drive, you’re seeing signs that your steering needs to be inspected and repaired.

Power Steering Service Near Me

If you have questions about your power steering, whether it needs service or repair, or anything else, the experts in power steering service in Naperville, IL, are here at Clark’s Car Care and are waiting to steer you in the right direction. Make an appointment today!

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