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Your car’s fuel injectors are small valves that are designed to deliver fuel to your car’s engine. These injectors must deliver the exact amount of fuel your engine needs, at exactly the right time. They also allow the fuel to mix with air, which is necessary for the fuel to burn.

Fuel System Service Naperville IL

Fuel injectors are built and designed to spray fuel in a specific pattern and frequency, and these vary from vehicle to vehicle. To achieve these specific spray patterns, the fuel must be adequately pressurized.

What type of fuel injector you have will determine how this pressurization happens. Gasoline engines usually use port injection systems, which provide 60 pounds of pressure per square inch. Direct injection systems, which are a newer innovation, can provide up to 30 more pressure, and some diesel vehicles have fuel injectors that dwarf even that, providing up to 30,000 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Each cylinder in your car’s engine has its own fuel injector. Your car’s control computer monitors the activity of your engine as you drive, and makes constant adjustments to the fuel injectors and how much fuel they are providing to your engine. Without this computer and the fuel injectors working in tandem, your car won’t get you very far, or run at all, really.

Because fuel injectors are so precisely-tuned, dirt and gunk can pose a major issue to them. If your injectors get gunked up, they can misfire or simply not work at all. If that happens, you’ll notice the engine’s performance decreasing or possibly even stopping.

Keep Your Injectors Clean Naperville IL

It’s up to you to keep your fuel injectors clean. You can start by using only high-quality fuel in your vehicle. Detergents and additives are added to this fuel and help clean your engine as it runs through and burns off. Always make sure that you trust brand-name fuel companies and gas stations as their gas usually contains these helpful additives.

The other way to keep your fuel injections firing is by keeping your fuel filter in good shape. Your fuel filter prevents gunk from entering your engine with the fuel, so when it becomes clogged, the debris can bypass the filter and make it to your fuel injectors, clogging them as well.

Your car’s owner’s manual holds the secret of how often your fuel filter should be replaced. This should be as important as changing the oil in your engine. Older vehicles and those who choose to use lower quality fuel filters will need to have theirs replaced more often.

Fuel injector cleaners are also available for purchase and can go a long way in extending the life of your fuel injectors. These are added to the fuel tank and work to remove and prevent the build-up of gunk and debris in your injectors. If your fuel injectors are already in bad shape, though, these cleaners can’t do much to help get them back to normal.

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