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Naperville’s drivers can count on Clark’s Car Care for all their auto maintenance needs. The brakes on your car however are not just the pads or the shoe of the brake. They are a lot more complex than that to be in great running order. When it is time to have your brakes serviced or repaired you need to come to see us. We offer the best brake repair Naperville IL has available. We focus on your safety and happiness.

There is friction in your braking system. The shoes and the pads make up this system. When they are engaged, they cause the car to stop. This is why it is important to have them checked often for wear. Sometimes the pads will have to be replaced.

The components of the braking system do eventually break down…no pun intended. If the pads become too thin, they do not provide enough stopping power needed to maintain a safe stopping distance. If you notice longer than normal braking time, you will need to bring in your vehicle right away for us to check.

Brake Repair & Service Naperville, IL

The brakes system has so many components to it. There are springs and even pistons that over time, can become dirty with caked up oil and dirt from the roads. When you bring your vehicle to us at Clark’s Car Care in Naperville IL, we will also ensure these parts are checked as well. Our technicians are able to let you know if we can clean or suggest you rather replace the different parts.

There is also fluid involved in your braking system. This braking fluid will help reduce the heat associated with the friction of the pads in your system. There are different additives in the fluid that will help the function of your brakes as well as prevent condensation which will hurt the performance of the braking system. We at Clark’s Car Care will check this fluid and let you know if we can clean it or if you need to replace it.

Brake Effectiveness

Part of the braking system that is often not thought of is the wheels or tires. If the tire’s tread is worn done, this will also have an effect on how your car stops. The tires grab the ground and help grip it to slow down. It is always at its best when the tires are in great condition. If the traction is there, the system will work at its best.

One thing to keep in mind is when it rains. If you have tires that are in good condition, your braking system will work better. If you are coming to a stop on the wet roads, however, the distance becomes greater. The tires on your car help push the water from rain and snow away from your car. This helps with stopping distances too. The less tread you have, the more likely you could lose steering and possibly wreck.

The way in which your car stops will depend on how fast you are going and how large your car is. The larger and quicker your car is, the more your braking system needs to perform. Sporty cars and trucks have much more power in their braking systems than not.

Brake Repair Near Me

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you drive, the brake system needs to be in its best operating condition. At Clark’s Car Care, we make sure that your car is in the safest driving condition available. Stop in today or call us to learn more.

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