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In the Naperville area, drivers mostly worry about having a flat tire or their engine breaking down on the busy IL highways. Most people do not however think about their AC until it is too late. A hot car ride outside of Chicago can not only be unsafe but is just a miserable feeling. We at Clarks Car Care have all the technology to provide you with the best AC service available in Naperville.

Auto AC Repair Naperville IL

When you think of your AC unit in your car, you may think of it as not really being an essential part. Many people will neglect an AC service or an AC repair needed and just focus on the repair a car may need to keep the vehicle running. We know however if you just do simple preventative maintenance on your AC, you can save on having to need costly repairs. There is nothing worst than having a costly repair that could have easily been prevented through routine care.

Auto AC Repair & Service Naperville IL

Whether you are driving in Naperville or into Chicago, you should have your refrigerant regularly checked out. This will make sure to keep it clean and adequately filled. AC systems mostly fail due to contamination in the refrigerant from the air and water elements n the environment. The water will cause rusting and the air causes the system to be less efficient. If these elements have entered your system, it will need to be recharged after it is cleaned out. By doing this, you will extend the life of your unit and of course, help avoid costly repairs.

AC Service Naperville

At Clark’s Car Care, we tell our customers to try to run their air conditioners a few times during the winter. This can assist with helping the seals not crack or dry out. Although only a minor repair if damaged, it can certainly be an inconvenience.

Auto AC Repair Near Me

One thing we recommend is to always check your owner’s manual for more information on when to maintain your AC or if you are unsure, we are happy to assist you in determining this. If you have your AC serviced regularly, you will not be stuck in the hot summer with no air conditioner.

Auto AC Service Near Me

When you bring your vehicle for an AC service or repair, we will make sure to get you back on the road in no time. You can call us during our normal business hours or fill out our appointment request form at your convenience.  We will contact you shortly after we receive your appointment request, to confirm your time. We look forward to serving you, our local Naperville community.

Air Conditioning Service$129.99

  • Re-charge Air Conditioning System (No Limit on Freon)
  • Inspect All Components of A/C System Including: Belts, Hoses, Fittings & Compressor
  • Test & Record Vent Temperature Output
  • Test for Possible System Leaks
  • Full Vehicle Digital Inspection

Low Air conditioning/freon levels can damage systems by making components work harder. GET YOURS SERVICED TODAY!

*Does not apply to R1234yf systems. Limited time only.


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