Clarks Featured In The Naperville Sun Down to Business: Car repair biz focuses on winning trust, preaching prevention

What does this business do?

Car repair work. Matt Weber owns the business with his former wife Laura Weber. “We specialize in sedans and minivans,” Matt Weber said. “We try to cater to those (and to) female customers. She’s educated and wants to know more about her car. She watches YouTube videos, and that is fine because it usually backs everything up. We invite people to do that. … We do not work on Europeans, we do not work on hybrids. We stick with what we know best. No mechanic out there can fix everything. That’s a fact.”

What was the impetus for starting this business?

“Throughout my life, from when I was 13 years old … I’ve had my hands somehow, somewhere in cars. I worked at a lot of dealerships. I was in parts, I was in finance, I was in sales, I was in service. Technically, though, I was never an actual mechanic. … One day I was walking through the Toyota dealership, and the mechanics were mentioning how many Chevys they were working on, and it dawned on me that the customers didn’t care what dealership their car was worked on, if it was the same brand car. It was about who was working on their car, the trust factor. … So I talked to Laura, and we decided to take that step.”