Our Digital Report

It’s important to us to keep you and your family safe and your vehicle on the road, but we also care a lot about customer education!

We value transparency with our customers – we like to educate our customers on what’s not working with their vehicles and we give them options to get things fixed. One of the tools we use to do this is the digital report.

Learn About Smartflow


  • The more informed the customer is – the better decision they can make.
  • Recommendations organized by priority (Red: important, Yellow: up coming, Green: good)
  • No more need to keep messy papers in your glove box
  • Most customers drop off and we call them to explain – this gives a visual in front of you to help understand the conversation.
  • Photos and/or videos of your vehicle at each step of the process provides peace of mind and better education.
  • Educational videos with easy click through links .
  • Personalized reminder emails about service (or texts if you prefer!).