Community Car Care and Safety Clinics

We offer a FREE Community Car Care and Safety Clinic to groups in order to educate the community about things they don’t teach you in Driver’s Ed class!

Classes are good for teens through elderly
and topics include:

  • How to make a plan in case of an accident
  • What to do if you get a flat tire
  • What do those dashboard lights mean?
  • How often do I REALLY need to change my oil?
  • What is the difference in oil? Regular vs. Synthetic
  • What questions should you be asking your service facility
  • And, much more!

Clinics can be done on-site or off site. Clinics last 1 to 2 hours depending on need and amount of questions asked (we get a lot!). We are good for any group of teens, elderly, women’s groups, etc. We also have done clinics for boy and girl scouts for them to earn badges.

Contact for more information and to schedule your free clinic.